The Egleston Centenary Book: Egleston Bros Photography- A History in Limerick (foreword by the 29th Knight of Glin) by Brian Egleston.

This publication offers the reader a unique collection of photographs carefully selected from The Egleston Studio Archive of historical Photographs.
This publication offers the discerning reader, the bibliophile and the dedicated collector a unique view of Limerick, the City and County, its people, buildings and streets as the capricious vicissitudes of history and the pliant vagaries of fashion unfolded over the past century before the lens of THE EGLESTON STUDIO, the oldest original family-run photographic studio in Ireland. Most of the photographs in this book have never been seen by the public though a very few of the earlier images have found their way into private and other collections and thus appeared in previous publications
Photographs of events include, among others, such luminaries as Eamon deValera (both as Taoiseach and President), Count John McCormac,Rock Hudson,Burt Ives, Jacqueline Kennedy, Senator Edward Kennedy and President Richard Nixon. A feature of the book is a sequence of men in uniform, both in the British and Irish armed forces, photographed during the Second World War
Few,if any, studios in Ireland could assemble, in a centenary celebration, a collection of photographs of this nature with its emphasise on award-winning studies and portraits of beautiful Limerick women interspersed with photographs of events.streetscapes, celebrities and sportsmen.
Of unprecented quality, this eminently collectable book, designed, researched and written by brothers Niall Egleston and Brian Egleston, will, doubtless, occupy a prominent space on the shelves of every thinking Limerick person.
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